Welcome to Myrtle Jane’s, a vintage inspired home store where you can find collections of vintage, antiques, and home decor items mixed together to give you an idea of how to use a mixture of old and new, painted and unpainted in your very own home .

The shop was opened in the fall of 2007. Our brick and mortar has over 30 talented vendors who showcase their found treasures in a climate controlled building with an emphasis on vintage and interior design.  Most of the treasures that our vendors curate are found from flea markets, estate sales, thrift shops, auctions, and even dumpsters. These items that have been cast aside and unwanted by previous owners are then given a fresh coat of paint, a new piece of glass, updated hardware, or just a little tweak and then introduced to a booth that is full of similar treasures arranged strategically for your viewing pleasure.

We are open Monday through Saturday.  For a sneak peek at what we are all about you can follow along with us on Facebook or Instagram, where we post daily images of our recent discoveries and additions to our inventory.  You can also find our vendors set up at various vintage markets and shows throughout the southeast.